Please Note: Before Placing Your Order – We have a 10-15 Working Day Lead Time From Receipt Of Payment. No Rush Orders

Terms & Conditions

Payment for your order, whether it be an online order or an order form submission, serves as acceptance of our Terms and Conditions, and we will presume that once we’ve received your payment, you have read, understood, and accepted all our Terms & Conditions as set out in this document. Please make sure that you read through and understand all points set out below and be sure to contact us if you have any questions, concerns, or objections BEFORE you confirm your order with payment.

You can place an order with us in one of two easy ways:

  1. By completing and submitting an Order Form or contacting us via email or WhatsApp to receive a Word/PDF version of our form.
  2. By purchasing directly from our Online Store


Payment will confirm your order. If you placed your order via Order Form submission you will receive an invoice via the email address supplied on your form. Allow 24 hours for processing and invoicing. If an invoice remains unpaid for 14 days, the order will be cancelled. If you purchase from our online store, you will be directed to the payment gate to make your payment.

It is the client’s responsibility to check their invoice or cart before making payment, to confirm that the correct order has been processed. If at any time, any refund needs to be made Liqerish reserves the right to keep an administrative fee of R50 for banking costs.

Lead Times:
All our orders take between 10-15 working days (2-3 weeks) from payment to packaging. Everything is made from scratch, especially for you, so please keep this timeframe in mind when placing your order and try not to wait until the last minute – especially for big orders.

Our lead time may be extended to a 4-week lead time in busy times of the year when we’re handling special occasion orders or during times of stringent load shedding. Don’t worry, we will give you a heads-up if this is the case. These lead times do not include the delivery time.  Please allow another 3-5 days for dispatch & courier.

Collection / Courier:
Please remember: Courier is not a service supplied by Liqerish itself.  It is an add-on service we outsource to The Courier Guy, for the convenience of our clients. Therefore, Liqerish can’t take any responsibility for any courier-related complaints or customer services. We merely package and book the courier on your behalf.  If, for whatever reason, your order is cancelled and we need to refund you for your order, we will only refund the courier and packaging charge if the courier fees you paid over to us, have not yet been paid over to the courier company.  We will not refund any courier fees if the order has been collected from us and delivered to you by the courier.

If you are in Pretoria or if you can make special arrangements, you are more than welcome to pick up your order from Liqerish personally. Our Workshop is in Montana, Pretoria. You will be notified by email once your order has been completed and is ready for pick-up. This notification will include the collection address and collection times.  You must arrange a collection time beforehand. Liqerish will not be held responsible if you show up at the workshop and there is no one to assist you.

If you are not able to collect, we will courier your order to you. We make use of The Courier Guy for courier purposes. Prices vary according to location and the size of the package. If you order by Order Form submission your courier cost will be included in your invoice. If you make an online purchase, courier costs will be added to your cart.

Please be 100% sure of your address and check it twice. Liqerish will not be held responsible for any parcel ending up at the wrong address if said address was incorrect when supplied. If you are sending your couriers/drivers to collect, you will be charged a R150 packaging fee. Please send us the waybill well in advance, so that we know when to expect who.

Liqerish will not be held liable for any damage, loss, or theft of parcels – we will also not take responsibility for late deliveries because of strikes or any other reason.

Design Process:
You will receive all design proofs for approval before production. Please check these designs carefully. Once approval has been sent through to us, we expect that there will be no problems with the designs, and we therefore do not take any responsibility for any mistakes on the final product. You will be held liable for all costs if the product needs to be re-made because of this.

When we say: “Not Painted” – it means that we do not paint the product at all.

Paint colours that are included in the “Painted” option – these are colours that we can buy pre-mixed. For example: White, Black, Grey, Red etc – Shades of these may also be specified, BUT colours which must be mixed, if not available as pre-mixes, a Paint-Mix Fee will be charged. Please take note that Liqerish does not take any responsibility for the colour matching of products. If you require a specific colour, please send us the Pantone colour code. Always enquire about your colour beforehand and make sure we can supply that specific colour.  For printed items – we suggest ordering a printed colour sample as the colour always appears slightly different on a screen as opposed to an actual print.

Every product is custom-designed and handmade individually. No product will ever look exactly like any other – even if it is the same design. Products are hand assembled and hand painted. Differences and flaws will occur. Liqerish will not be held responsible if a product does not look exactly like another one that has been advertised by us, or even looks a little different from the same product from a previous order. We can also not take responsibility for the shade/colour of the wood. The shade of the wood differs from batch to batch, and we have NO CONTROL over this. We get what the supplier has – it is as simple as that.

The sizing mentioned in the pricelist is just a guideline – sizes may vary according to designs – please make sure you ALWAYS mention the size of the product you want if it is a custom design. When we engrave a word or image onto wood, the wood burns brown {shade may vary according to the type of wood used}. We can NEVER engrave in any other colour than this. When we print, we can do so in any colour, except white.

Please take note, when ordering a Rustic wooden product: We use recycled wood and neat, perfect products are not guaranteed. We have no control over the TYPE of wood and construction flaws of boards – that might include uneven edges, differences in the thickness of boards, gaps, and nail holes in the wood.

Liqerish has a strict No Returns and/or Exchange Policy. Feel free to request photographs of the order before courier or make sure to check your order when collecting it. Once it has left our hands it is literally out of our hands and no longer our responsibility.

All products are photographed by us and watermarked to use for marketing on social media, Websites, Emails etc. Liqerish reserves the right to use any photographs we may take of any one of our products for this purpose. Liqerish further reserves the right to cancel any order at any time if we feel that we are not able to give a high-quality service or produce high-quality products, for whatever reason.

All photographs are the intellectual property of Liqerish and may not be used for any purpose, without written permission from Liqerish and all its members. All rights reserved. By remitting payment for any quote/invoice or any online order means that you as the client have read and understand the above terms and conditions and by means of proceeding with your order Liqerish (Pty) Ltd. will accept that the client has no objections and understands all the terms and conditions mentioned in this document. Proceeding with any order will be consent to agreeing to all terms and conditions drafted by Liqerish (Pty) Ltd. It is the responsibility of the client to check in with Liqerish (Pty) Ltd. if any terms and conditions listed above are unclear. Liqerish (Pty) Ltd. will not be held responsible for any terms and conditions not adhered to and Liqerish (Pty) Ltd. is in no way forced to compensate any client who has not read the T’s and C’s or who goes against the T’s and C’s. All the above terms are final and none of the terms will be up for discussion, the client has the free will to not proceed with an order if there is any disagreement regarding our terms.